You know, I’m here because I love to write and I love to write about what I chat about and think about. Nothing makes me happier than chatting with my cute hubs, kids or my gal pals about everything from the Beastie Boys to Buddha – nothing that is, but writing the same way.

My favorite rumination is that of becoming our authentic selves, despite the crazy worlds we all live in, despite work, despite competitive neighbors, despite all the how to books and blogs we all love to read. How do we get to that place of peace?

I chat about parenting and all of the ups and downs about it – the realness of it, the fun of it and the mystery of it. I love musing about life as a mom in the suburbs and being 40 something and the fact that it’s not such a bad thing with the right beauty products.

I write about our aging parents, grief and loss and what it’s like to live in a world as a warrior.

I’ll write about what I find and hope you let me know what you think too. Let’s walk together, drink some wine, mess up and get back up – together.