Finding Gratitude in Grief – Part II

Today is the second Mother's Day I'm spending without my mom. When she died two years ago, there were days filled with tears and pain and loneliness and...gratitude. I remember being so beautifully surprised during those first months of grieving-surprised with the gift of gratitude during the lowest point in my life. I remember asking … Continue reading Finding Gratitude in Grief – Part II

Finding Truth in the Turmoil

Calm. Chaos. Truth. Turmoil. We can find out so much about ourselves when we are in the midst of chaos and turmoil. Who are we? Who can we be? Who are we NOT. I wrote, last time, about finding a balance between the chaos of sheltering at home, working from home, schooling from home and … Continue reading Finding Truth in the Turmoil

Find the Calm in the Chaos

Oh lovelies. We are all feeling some level of fear. Some level of anxiety. Some level of scarcity, uncertainty, helplessness. Yes? And we are seeing the affects of these negative emotions: selfishness, chaos, mass buying of toilet paper and hand sanitizer... There is a difference in preparedness and panic. There is a difference between indifference … Continue reading Find the Calm in the Chaos