I forgot to be grateful toward the end of the day

Yesterday was a busy one. It was easy though, to be happy and grateful, despite the busy. The weather was aspectacular 64 and sunny and blue skies everywhere. I was flying high on my day and then slowly but surely, the busy got the best of me. And I kind of forgot about what I was thankful for around 8:00pm, while sitting at my teen’s end of the season sport’s banquet (on hour two of speeches!) I was getting really annoyed and tired and bored and someone please wrap this up!

You all know the drill. These banquets are a great way to wrap up the year and enjoy the hard work of the kids and the coaches. But I was tired last night and I knew my kiddo had a ton of homework to do so I said quietly to our table something offhanded like ‘Oh, these banquets….” And a table mate quickly replied “You know Neen, instead of not wanting to be here, you really need to think ‘Hey, I GET to come to my kids banquets.’ These things happen only four times in their high school life. It’s a privilege.”A-moment-of-gratitude-makes-a-difference

Hrmph. La Di Da Di Da. Hrmph. A part of me wanted to get all suburban mom gangsta in my head, but I opted for a smile and a sigh and I said “You know, you’re right.” Because really, he is. I do get to come to these things and enjoy these rare moments with my teenager. Doesn’t mean I enjoy them and it doesn’t mean that I’m not bored to tears.

But what table mate said about ‘getting to’ struck a cord. It was a good way to take a situation and turn it into a positive – as a privilege. Instead of ‘I have to be here,’ he chose to see it as ‘I get to be here.’ I like that. So while I sat there for another hour, still bored and wishing I was home in my comfy pjs and glasses,  I also contemplated how lucky I am to have a kiddo who is healthy enough to play a sport, a great coach to play under and a wonderful group of kids with the same interests.

I wrote about it in my gratitude journal. I wrote about the sky and the day. And lastly, I wrote “I am so grateful that banquet is over and I’m in my comfy pjs and glasses.”

Did you write in your gratitude journal? What are you thankful for? Tell me in the comments below!

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