Three more ways to cultivate gratitude

Are you bored writing in your gratitude journal? Are you too busy to write in the morning or too tired at night? Or did you have a crappy day and all you really want to do is hover in some self-pity and a pint of ice cream?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, it’s OK. Yes, it’s ok. I was recently referred to as the gratitude police at home. Nice, right? I know they love me – but sometimes, they scoff at my commitment to gratitude. They are all very grateful people, those kids and hubs. But they get bored with routines. Don’t we all? So I say this – change it up. Maybe you don’t want to start a journal or you are done with your journal because writing is not your thing.


Here are three other ways to continue your gratitude practice:

1. Create an attitude of gratitude. Notice your thoughts. When you find yourself complaining, take note and come up with one (only 1!) thing you are grateful for. Over time, you’ll come up with many more grateful thoughts. Think grateful thoughts. Think about, thank about.

2. Speak your gratitude mindfully, out loud. Say thank you to the cashier and put true meaning behind your words. Thank the fitness teacher after class. Look the guy that held the door for you in the eye and say a heart felt ‘thanks man.’ Say it out loud. Tell your kids you’re grateful they are yours. Tell your sister you’re grateful she called you today. Say one thing at the dinner table that gave you gratitude today.

3. Express your gratitude in a way that works for you. If you are at work, while waiting for an email, grab a post it note and write down one word of thanks, like  ‘sunshine.’ While you’re in the waiting room at the orthodontist, daydream about your most grateful day – the grateful thoughts will bring about more of them. Color, doodle, pet your dog with thoughts of thanks.

You don’t need to journal if it’s not your thing. It is my thing. Like anything, to stick with it, you must enjoy it. If you are looking to exercise and you hate running, head for the elliptical! Just make the time to create the practice. If you don’t like journaling, try something else to create a gratitude practice. Whatever works for you is best.

What are you grateful for today, this second? Let me know in the comments below!

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