Top five blog posts of 2015

It’s been a great year this 2015. I am partial to odd numbers, my favorite number is five and since 1985, the years ending in five have been pretty special. With that in mind, I’m looking back and posting my top FIVE blog posts from this year.

1. How a tradition born out of sadness became my favorite day of the year

As part of my #30daysofgratitude blog series in November, I loved sharing my little family’s Thanksgiving tradition. So our quirky tradition, born out of what was a rough season as a young mom turned into my most beloved holiday. It is my favorite time of year – this magical escape when I get my Hubs and kids all to myself, during this magical time, in a city I have always and will always adore.

2.  I’ve never felt more like a child than the day we buried my father

In honor of my dear old Dad, no longer with us, I shared some very real, very raw feelings on the day we put him to rest. Writing this was the best way to let it all go.

3.  Watching old videos brings me joy and validation

My sweet first born turned 16 in 2015. Bittersweet nostalgia brought me some peace and joy.

4.  This is the best way to get to know your kid’s friends

My son’s squad is always a source of writing inspiration. I love getting to know them, even if it’s on the sly.

5.  Even if you meditate, yes you can say the F word

I’ve written a TON about gratitude and meditation. Both have changed my life for the better. And yet. I still like to curse when the situation allows for it 🙂

6.  I stopped writing in my gratitude journal and this happened

OH, and just because, let’s add one more for good luck! My sixth favorite blog post in honor of 2016. Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude. “Living a life of gratitude takes practice, time and intention. Some days it comes easy, some days it’s a challenge. The key is to keep on doing it, regardless of if you want to or not.”

Many, many heartfelt thanks and hugs and joy to you, sweet readers. Thanks for sharing your comments, sharing your joy and for reading these posts. It’s been a year of endings, beginnings, falling down and getting back up. Let’s continue to share our stories and fall and rise together in 2016!

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