Ten Random Things I Am Grateful For. 

This blog series, #30DaysofGratitude, hopes to share bits of gratitude and create an awareness of how gratitude can change our mindset.

Every day this month, I, along with other writers, teachers and friends, will post about all things gratitude. Come along for the ride and let me know what you are most grateful for every day – I know we can inspire one another.

Written by: Beth Prystowsky

If you turn on the news, search the Internet or pick up your phone; it is very obvious how many terrible, painful, hateful and awful things are going in our world.  Without gratitude it would be easy to succumb to the dark weight of it all.  

By slowing down and sitting and looking at the good stuff in your life, it is a beautiful  practice to see how much lightness you can be grateful for daily. 

It is somewhat rudimentary to be grateful for health, family, friends, jobs and our warm home, although important.  I am looking outside the box and meditating on the other random and not as obvious things to be grateful for today. 

  1. The Library.  Ever since I was a kid I would walk in to the library and get a warm fuzzing feeling that I still get today. To walk down aisles and aisles of books about all sorts of topics and stories has made that community space my happy place. 
  2. My morning coffee.  Sitting down each morning after I get my kids off to school with a warm cup of coffee with vanilla coconut milk is a little moment that helps me get out of bed each morning. 
  3. Beautiful leaves on the ground.  Do you see those bright red or fluorescent nature made creations below beauties below your feet? 
  4. GPS.  I would not be able to go anywhere without it. 
  5. Nice neighbors.  The fact that I can text my neighbor to help me open a tomato sauce jar is a big plus in my book. 
  6. Yoga.  I never regret going to yoga.  It helps me physically, mentally, emotionally and makes me a better mom.  It is my therapy. 
  7. Shameless. The show, set in Chicago, that I recently finished binging on Netflix reminds me that my problems are nothing and things can always be worse. 
  8. Sunshine.  The blue sky and the heat of the sun on my body makes a huge difference in my activity level and attitude. 
  9. Holding hands.  When my husband’s long and lean hand reaches and squeezes my hand, I feel lucky to have support and someone always on my team.  My growing kids occasionally still reach for my hand and the squeeze and connection is everything I need. 
  10. Photos.  Since I was a kid I love taking and saving photos.  Today I am no different doing my best to capture most moments.  My boxes, and now, digital files provide me joy. 

What out of the box reasons do you have to be grateful?  Do you ever stop and look at the little moments of gratitude?

Beth Prystowsky is a grateful, mom, wife, yoga instructor and writer who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2013. She created Modern Day MS in 2014 after she saw a need for a positive and real place to learn about the disease. You can read more of Beth’s writing at Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom and moderndayms.com.

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