Being grateful for living small

This blog series, #30DaysofGratitude, hopes to share bits of gratitude and create an awareness of how gratitude can change our mindset.

Every day this month, I, along with other writers, teachers and friends, will post about all things gratitude. Come along for the ride and let me know what you are most grateful for every day – I know we can inspire one another.

Written By: Howard Mooreimages-1

It’s Saturday morning. 10:30 am. I just finished morning coffee. I’m now watching a Law & Order rerun. It’s what I normally do on a Saturday morning. It’s not exactly living in the fast lane but it’s what I like to do on a Saturday morning. Not everyone can do it. I’m grateful that I can.

It’s Saturday morning. 10:30 am. I’m sitting at my desk looking around at my apartment. It’s a small studio. I can see my kitchen, my closet and bed without turning my head. It may be small but it’s my home and I’m comfortable with it. I think back to a time when I didn’t have this. It wasn’t that long ago. I think about the many people I know that don’t have even a small space. I’m grateful for this. 

It’s Saturday morning. 10:30 am. I’m thinking about what to do today. Nothing is planned. It’s going to be a kicked back day. Maybe I’ll go for a walk. Maybe I’ll head down to the lake. Maybe I’ll watch some sports. Maybe I’ll do nothing at all. Maybe. I’m grateful for all the choices.

It’s Saturday morning. 10:30 am. I like this day and like where my life is now. Sure, I might make some changes and might want a couple of things to be different but not much. I realize I have it better than most. I realize I’m still alive and am grateful for that.

It’s Saturday morning. 10:30 am. It’s a great big world and I’m just a little piece of that. I’m more than okay with this. Living like this works for me. I’m grateful for my small life. I’m grateful for living small.

Howard Moore writes the blog I’ve Got the Hippy Shakes at ChicagoNow. He writes about all things life, with a focus on Health/Wellness issues, his battles with Parkinson’s Disease and a smattering of popular music.

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