Be Grateful for Your Own Problems

This blog series, #30DaysofGratitude, hopes to share bits of gratitude and create an awareness of how gratitude can change our mindset.

Every day this month, I, along with other writers, teachers and friends, will post about all things gratitude. Come along for the ride and let me know what you are most grateful for every day – I know we can inspire one another.

Written By: Jayme Zobelimages

I have a friend who always says, “If we were all able to put our problems collectively on a table and look over all of the problems placed on that table, we would always grab our own problems back!”  The idea is you think you have trouble, but there is always someone struggling with something larger than you’ve placed on that table.  During this season of gratitude, I would like to offer up to be grateful for your own problems. You might think this is a silly offer, a silly request, but have you ever really thought about it?

If you ever stop and compare your issues against your friends, neighbors or even strangers, there is inevitably someone that is struggling with something much bigger than what you’re dealing with. It may not seem possible to you when you’re looking at your own life. It’s easier to get lost in your own world, in your own trouble.  But, I would suggest that you step out of your box and look around.  

Try a few things to help your outlook…

Look up and smile at people who pass you as you’re walking by, it may not seem like anything to you but to someone else, your smile could be the one thing the other person needs right then. Maybe they are having a worse day and your simple smile could give them a little bit of love.  And, smiling improves your own outlook as well. 

If you are aware of someone who is struggling with something, put your problems down and reach out to see how you can help. Besides helping that person, you will forget about your own issues for a while too.  

Stop and think about what’s going well for you. Think of the problem table and instead put all the good things on the table and think about them. Be grateful for what you have, be grateful for the good and the bad.  Be grateful for your own problems.  

Jayme Zobel writes the blog One Post at a Time where she shares real stories about life and hopes to make her readers smile a little.

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