Need a new podcast? Here are five I’m loving right now

Laughing loudly, mouth open, I’m sitting in my car finding so much enjoyment in ‘Armchair Expert,’ one of my new favorite podcasts, that I’m subsequently late for yoga class.  Once inside, it takes me a bit to focus inward as I keep silently giggling.

Podcasts have this affect on me. I get hooked quickly, and like having an affair, aside from the secrecy, I’m trying to make time for my beloved podcasts whenever and wherever I can.

So many podcasts though, and too little time. I subscribe to one, filling up my iPhone with hours of auditory content and then discover another, putting the first one on hold. There is a podcast for everyone and everything. Podcasts appeal to our specific interests, from cooking to politics, outdoor adventure to self help. I personally love the storytelling aspect of podcasts and listen to find inspiration, to better myself to become educated and of course, to be entertained.

My go-to favorites are probably yours too: This American Life, WTF with Marc Maron, Pod Save America, The Daily, RadioLab and Serial.microphone-2170045__480

Aside from those oldies and goodies, here are my top five favorites from the past month or so:

Super Soul Conversations  Oprah takes her show, Super Soul Sundays, handpicks her favorite conversations with authors and thought and spiritual leaders and gathers them here for us to enjoy. They are designed to help guide us through our life journey, bring us to a-ha moments and bring us “one step closer to your best self.” That last bit right from the podcast designers. Best self, I love IT.

Armchair Expert  Remember Dax Shepard? From Parenthood and Punk’d? He’s married to Kristen Bell?  He is also known for his comedy writing and more. I get a huge kick out of him. He’s a chatty Cathy and reminds me of that fun college guy you adored because of his ability to make you laugh while having deep conversations. My favorite episode, with Zach Braff goes on for nearly two hours.  He likes to dig in and ask questions about his guest’s upbringing, insecurities and the mess that is life. The only thing that bugs me about Dax is that he interrupts a lot. I like it enough though, to let it slide. Want a laugh? Listen to Armchair Expert.

Where Should We Begin? Relationship therapist Esther Perel talks with 10 couples dealing with everything from infidelity, to sexlessness and loss. There is something voyeuristic about being a fly on the wall during someone else’s therapy session. Once you get over the drama of what’s going on in another couple’s bedroom, the sessions are actually enlightening and make me think about my own relationship, what’s right and what could use some help.

Making Obama  WBEZ Chicago knocks it out of the park with this story about how “Chicago shaped the country’s first African-American president.” It’s no secret I’m a fan of former President Barack Obama. If you are a fan, download this podcast NOW. If you’re not, download it anyway. Obama, his advisors, and even his opponents share the story of his rise from Chicago to the Senate. Stories of Chicago politics from Alderman Ed Burke and Bobby Rush and details about the mayoral race of Harold Washington litter the first two episodes, building a well crafted story.  It’s not just an Obama story, but a telling of Chicago politics.

Modern Love   The Modern Love podcast is based on the weekly New York Times column of the same name. Stories of love, loss, longing and happiness fill the Times every Sunday and now every week, a celebrity reads an essay from the column. Start with this one right here.

Here is one more! A runner up, so to speak.  I can’t headline with “Top Six,” it just doesn’t sound right.

The Goop Podcast  Oh Gwyneth. We either love her or we hate her, don’t we?  I admit I peruse the Goop newsletter because it has some great content about healthy eating, parenting, relationship advice and thoughts on all things life.  Gwyneth herself and Chief Content Officer Elise Loehnen chat with “leading thinkers, culture changers, and industry disruptors—from doctors to creatives, CEOs to spiritual healers—about shifting old paradigms and starting new conversations.” Sounds pretty Goop-ish, yes? It is, but worth a listen. Try this one first.

What podcasts are you listening to? I am always looking for a new one. Let me know in the comments below.

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