What’s the Alternative

What's the alternative? My Dad said this all the time. What's the alternative?  We've all been living with an undercurrent of tension, fear and uncertainty during the past eight months. Maybe longer. Who knows? But this undercurrent, this live wire has been holding steady during the pandemic, the protests and the politics. Some days the … Continue reading What’s the Alternative

Shrinking Down and Puffing Up: A Mantra revisited

"So.....why hasn't your son committed to a school yet for XYZ sport. He's so good, I thought he would have committed by now." - Annoying Trigger Inducing Person. Is she criticizing my son? Is she implying he isn't good enough? I don't know and it shouldn't matter. And yet. I'm triggered. And annoyed. Sigh. We … Continue reading Shrinking Down and Puffing Up: A Mantra revisited