Empty Nest: A Preview

It's been an interesting 24 hours. Hubs and I got a glimpse at life as empty nesters. We didn't plan it, even though our calendars knew it was coming. We were suddenly alone in our house from 5:30 am Thursday until 11 am Friday. It was fabulous. Since Boy is out of town for baseball … Continue reading Empty Nest: A Preview

High School Graduation: A Mom’s Reflection

Why is the alarm going off? What day is it? Where am I? I'm startled out of my heavy sleep and realize: today my Girl graduates from high school. "That's what today is," I whisper into the morning air. Heavy, heavy sigh. And out of nowhere, the memory reel flickers on more clearly than I thought … Continue reading High School Graduation: A Mom’s Reflection

A Migraine and a Moment on a Monday

Productivity was my intention for Monday. After a fun filled, sports filled, busy weekend, I had to buckle down Monday and just get stuff done. I headed into the week with some great music and some joyful discipline. Halfway into my second load of laundry, paying bills and compiling my long list of to-dos, my … Continue reading A Migraine and a Moment on a Monday