Will My Expectations Create My Reality?

As a writing exercise, once a month,  ChicagoNow bloggers participate in a writing challenge. We are given a topic and have one hour to write and publish the post. Here’s the challenge: “Write about your tomorrow. Not figuratively, literally write about anything that you hope, fear, believe, expect — anything — that you may experience tomorrow.” Here’s my go.

I believe that our thoughts create our reality. Just like the phrase “you are what you eat,” ‘you are what you think,” gives you a lot of control about how you can choose the life you live. If this is the case, what if I consciously choose to expect only fantastic and glorious experiences for my tomorrow? Will I receive said glory? I’m going to aim super high and have big expectations for my ordinary day tomorrow. I’ll list here, and report back the outcome. Tomorrow. See what I did here?

I cannot wait for the alarm to ring and wake up refreshed. My usual routine of making breakfast and lunch for my kiddos will be a labor of love and somehow the tedium of pb&j will turn into gratitude. After a quick meditation, a barre class and hanging out with my coffee and my pooch, I’m going to feel and look more lean, especially since I didn’t eat carbs tonight and didn’t even have a glass of wine while watching the Hawks game.

I expect for my hair to look really good because I plan to put some effort into the blow drying process.  I am so filled with joyful expectation that I will not get into one argument with either of my teenagers. I expect to feel confident and clear about every decision I make and will do a good enough job crossing things off my to do list.

I’m expecting to have an easy drive into the city tomorrow and find parking super close to my lunch spot. I expect to have a lovely lunch with one of my dearest friends, feel loved and cherished by her, make her laugh (like I usually do,) and feel love and cherished in return. I hope to leave this lunch feeling uplifted and joyful that we’ve remained friends more than 30 years!

My drive home will be seamless and traffic free. My daughter’s orthodontist appointment will run on schedule, and the ortho will tell her she gets her braces off next visit! I will have time to walk previously mentioned pooch and make a dinner my family unanimously devours and loves.

I expect my ordinary day will be filled with great energy, little traffic, lots of laughs and a purposefully good attitude. Let’s see if my thoughts and expectations create my reality tomorrow. Expect me back here, tomorrow night with the outcome…

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