My Tomorrow Was Created By My Expectations Yesterday

I’m back dear readers to let you know how my ‘tomorrow’ turned out. Yesterday, I posted about what I expected of my tomorrow. I decided to test the theory “Our thoughts create our reality.” Guess what? My thoughts did indeed create my reality today.

I hoped to feel refreshed when I woke up. While I was still a bit tired, remembering my expectations for today, I rolled out of bed pretty easily and I set my intention of the day to “Expect good things.” I packed the kiddo’s lunches, and while I didn’t feel an extra dose of sentimentality or love, I did my assembly without a gripe and finished my morning routine earlier than normal. I absolutely felt more refreshed after my coffee and walk with my pooch and couldn’t wait for the day ahead.

I think by setting my expectations high, I set myself up for success, not let down. At any point in the day I felt a bit out of sync, I kept coming back to my intention, and I felt better. It was ridiculously and surprisingly simple.

I had zero traffic on the Edens – and then I exited on Washington which was a parking lot. At noon.  I was late to lunch – however – I stayed calm, knowing a lovely lunch was waiting for me. I basked in the joy of lunching (I got to have a grown up lunch in the city!) with one of my dearest friends, laughing, reminiscing and bonding over all that our lives have to show us. I left feeling uplifted, I made my gal pal laugh and I think she was lifted too!

The day was truly filled with goodness and a carefree ease that I can only attribute to my attitude toward it. It is post dinner at our house and I haven’t heard snark or witnessed an eye roll yet! Maybe it happened, but I just haven’t seen it. I’m enjoying a fat glass of red wine, realizing my little experiment worked and I admit I’m kind of freaking out over the amount of responsibility I have over my own damn life! GAH. Can it really be as simple as choosing to expect only good? Clearly life throws us lemons all the time. But the older I get the more I know that it’s our reaction to life that makes all the difference.  I’ll keep aiming high and keep expecting the best!

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