I’m Really Good at The Little Things That Make me who I am

It’s that time of the month… Every month, ChicagoNow bloggers participate in a writing challenge. We are given a topic and have one hour to write and publish the post. Here’s the challenge: “Without trying to be humble, write about something you’re really good at.” Say what? Am I good at anything????  Here’s my go.

My first thought was “Nothing. I’m not really good at anything!.” So do I write about how I’m really good at self deprecation? Then I thought, “What if I use this Blogapalooza to actually give myself a shot of self esteem…?”  And then my son said “You’re really good at being a mom,” and I melted. My daughter said “You’re really good at exercising.  My husband just stared at me. I’m not quite sure how I feel about that.

So I’m taking this challenge and using it as a fun way to pat myself on the back for the little cool things that make me “Me.”  I’m gonna let it all out, humbleness be gone!

I’m really really good at making lists. I am the ultimate list maker. A to-do list for today. A to-do list for the week. A master list for the month. A back to school list. Grocery lists. Lists for vacation packing, what needs to be done before, after and during. Lists for my kids and hubs. I. Love. Lists.

I’m really good at journaling. Though I may have one or twenty of them strewn around the house, my whole life is written in my journals. The good the bad and the ‘wow I can’t believe I wrote that and my family will think I’m a kook!’ It’s all there. I’m good at it.

I am absolutely fabulous at buying journals and leaving them half full before I buy my next one. I buy leather bound, pretty floral prints, notebooks, you name it. If I can write in it, I buy it. And write in it. Then abandon it until the next pretty cover strikes my fancy.

I am amazing at making my Nana’s gravy and macaroni on Sundays. Gravy, for all youzz non-Italians, is red pasta sauce. I’ve nailed it. Just like Nana’s, just like my mom’s. Sundays at my house are pretty awesome.

I’m really good at finding new make-up products and using them to death. Eye shadow, blush, brushes, skin care – I LOVE IT.

I’m really good at forgetting the words to 90s rap songs, mid rap, singing loudly with my son and then losing any cool points I may have gained by starting the song in the first place.

I’m really good at making milkshakes. I make the best fucking milkshakes in town. No joke! My kid’s friends come over specifically for my milkshakes. I have really cool old fashioned milk shake glasses (courtesy of my Mom) and I have wonky colored straws and whipped cream too.

I’m really good at having crushes on lead singers of alternative bands. Yep. Now you know.

Im really good at finding new music before anyone else does. And then I get mad when everyone else finds it too.

I’m a really. Good. Dancer. Yes. I said it. I typed it. And damn shit I’m gonna stick to it. They (my kids) don’t agree, but really, what do they know about dancing? I can move people. Just watch me in the kitchen.

I’m really good at changing my perspective about negative situations and turning them around into something positive. “When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.” Best quote by Wayne Dyer. Life changing, really.

I’m really good at being a mom to my kiddos. We are a great fit. I love them and squeeze them and hover and complain and apologize and laugh and try my best every day to be the best person I can so I can be the best I can for them.

I gotta say, while a lot of what I listed is pretty silly, I feel pretty good right now…. Exercise complete.

What are you really good at? I’d love to know! It can be fun, silly or something really big! Please comment below. I promise it will make you feel great!

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