Do you have a mom squad?

I suppose it was Taylor Swift and her group of young, gorgeous friends who made the whole squad thing a thing. Before a sqad there was a posse or your peeps. I know I’m aging myself, but I’m aged, who cares?

The point is, like Taylor, I have a squad too. My mom squad. A kick ass group of women who are the mom’s of my son’s friends. Some of these women I’ve known nearly 14 years, some I’ve known just a few. Regardless, these like minded women and I share something invaluable – the well being of our sons.

This squad works well together. We carpool, we arrange outings, we compare teachers and sports programs, we calm each other’s nerves if necessary. We know each other’s boys. We KNOW these kids.

When someone in the boy squad huffs and puffs and gets his feelings hurt, we don’t talk poorly of him at the dinner table. As mom’s, we get it and help our son’s get it too. I think this is one reason why these kids have remained tight for as long as they have. When one of them get’s too bossy and somehow we hear about it, we are forgiving, we get it and we help our son’s get it too. When one of them is hurting, for whatever reason, we get it and we help our son’s get it too.

Mom squad came in handy last night when plans were made to go here there and everywhere. The older your kids get, the more their plans are out of your control. The more these plans change, minute by minute, text by text. So when I found out through the Mom Squad, the plans involved a big group of boys and girls at a house I didn’t know, I was at once perturbed I didn’t hear it from my boy and also relieved I had a head’s up.

images-2The plans were innocent, and nothing I would have been against. I found out my kiddo didn’t tell me ahead of time because he really didn’t think the plans would come through (hmmm.) We talked about why I like to know about things up front and had a good moment together.

But for me, the best moment about this situation was that I could pick up my phone, with no shame, and call one of my squad to ask “What’s up and are our baby boys getting older?” I was answered with a giggle and the info I needed. I was answered with love, understanding and no judgement (of me OR my son.) Said mom and I talked about how lucky we are to be able to make these calls and talk together to know what’s going on with our kids.

I am beyond grateful for this group of women. It’s small moments like these phone calls that bring them to the forefront of my consciousness. They’ve been great supporters, advisors, confidants and encouragers over the years. They have been a quiet force, an undercurrent in the raising of my son. They made my gratitude journal yesterday, and I’m sure they will continue to do so during the next four years.

Did you write in your gratitude journal today? What are ya waiting for? It’s never to late start feeling grateful.

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