Gratitude – A list

Unknown-1Most days, it’s about the little things. We can make the little things big by diving into them, feeling them fully and lingering in the grace they bring. The little things on their own, however, even without the examination, build up over time. Tiny moments of gratitude that slowly fill you up day after day, and week after week cultivate a life of gratitude, abundance and grace. Here is my list of small things, many that I write in my gratitude journal every day…

I am grateful for my glorious bed and my cozy comforter.

I am grateful to have my hubs sleeping next to me.

I am grateful we had a lovely dinner tonight with our baby, talking like adults, laughing like kids and sharing a nice evening out.

I am grateful my girl has good friends to spend time with and be a teenager with and go out with on Saturday nights.

I am so very grateful for my sweet, furry dog.

I’m grateful I got my lazy ass out of bed to exercise this morning and I wasn’t too hard on myself that my workout was killing me.

I’m grateful the guy at J. Crew was friendly and helpful.

I’m grateful the sun was shining all day.

I’m grateful I’m healthy and get to drive and go anywhere and everywhere independently.

I’m grateful there is such a thing as chocolate covered almonds.

I’m grateful for makeup. OH goodness, thank you for concealer.

I’m grateful for cool blogs that I get to read late into the night.

I’m grateful for my neck pillow that provides me so much joy it’s ridiculous.

I am happy both my babies are home safe and sound.

What little things are you grateful for? Did you write about them in your gratitude journal today? Do you have one? Let me know in the comments below.


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