I’m Grateful for my Starbuck’s cup

Red cup, white cup, green cup, blue cup. I’ll take them all. I’ll take my Starbuck’s cup with a snowflake, a tree, a squirrel and menorah. As long as the message is positive, I really don’t care about cup color or adornments. I do care about size. I mean, come on, we all know size matters.

I am grateful for that cup every time I hold the warm cardboard in my cold hands and sip my decadent, bold and overpriced coffee or tea. I LOVE it and I treat myself somedays with some high calorie yummy goodness and I really don’t give a mistletoe’s holly what the hell is on the outside.

Yep. Grateful for the red cup.
Yep. Grateful for the red cup.

Seriously? A war? On Christmas? We all need to sit back folks and see this for what it really is: a reason, manufactured by a tiny handful of  loud, bold people to cry out and complain. About something. Anything.

Let’s take a moment and be grateful for our to-go coffee cups. Whether it’s Starbucks or Dunkin or Einstein’s. Be grateful we have the extra money to buy the coffee. Be grateful for the smile the barista gives you, when you forget to smile because you realize you’re late for work. Be grateful we live in a world where we can grab a coffee, on the go, to and fro, from a DRIVE-THRU if we choose.

I’ll take your red cup Starbucks, and I’ll celebrate Christmas too. And I know when holiday time comes and I get that venti peppermint hot chocolate and say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays or nothing at all, someone will say it back or say nothing at all or turn around and complain because of what I did or didn’t say.

Get over it. Let it go. Stop looking for something to complain about and smile at your red cup. Be grateful for the red cup.

Are you writing in a gratitude journal yet? Using an app to start your gratitude practice? Let me know in the comments below!

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