The postal worker made my day

The lady behind the counter at the post office made my day today. Sounds like a Pearl Jam song..

The morning was hectic. I handled all the normal business, the lunches, the getting ready, the last minute laundry before leaving the house. I needed to leave early to be sure I mailed an ever so precious RSVP for an invitation my daughter received. This highly coveted invitation needed a quick response to ensure her ability to attend the event.


Crazy? Yep. Reality? Yep. I mentally scanned the mailboxes in town, wondering which ones had the earliest pick up. None of them were early enough for me,  so I set out to the post office itself to see if by hand delivering it to the postal worker, the RSVP would get processed, put in the PO box, mailed, whatever, sooner.

The line was long. I wondered if in my haste I blended my concealer well and realized I still needed some coffee. I hoped the line at Starbucks wouldn’t be long. I wondered why in the name of all that’s holy I was worrying so much about an RSVP. “Because,” I reasoned with my mental ramblings, “because it would be a great event for her to attend.”

I waited and hoped I got the lady instead of the man. She seemed more friendly. And…. I got the lady! Jackpot!

“Hey babygirl, what can I help you with today?” she asked.

“Good morning!” I said in my most enthusiastic and hopeful voice. “Well, I hoped that by giving you this letter it would make the earlier mail deposit. I mean, it just needs to go right there, in those PO boxes, right?”

“Hmm. Well, that’ll be $19.99.”

I paused for a moment, then smiled big as I realized her sweet joke.

“$19.99 huh? Even to go right over there, in those little PO boxes?”

“Yep,” she deadpanned. “Right over there. $19.99.”

“Ok, lemme see what I got.” I fished around in my back pocket and grabbed one of the many post-it notes I tote around with my endless lists of to-do’s for the day.

“Will a to-do list suffice?” I asked her.

We both burst out laughing. Hard. Like, hanger in my mouth wide smile and raucous belly laughter from both of us. Embarrassing laughter, people gawking at us laughter.

“Babygirl, I got this, you go about your day.”

This sweet postal worker behind the counter made my day. She sent me a little message from the Universe – Don’t take things so seriously babygirl. Have a laugh. Play.

And so I did. I kept smiling all day. In the Starbuck’s line, passing people in the parking lot and even when my boss said some really annoying nonsense. I smiled and thought “Don’t take things so seriously babygirl.”

Thank you postal worker behind the counter. You made my good day a great one. You delivered a message of fun and living life well. And you made it in my gratitude journal last night.

Are you writing in your gratitude journal? Do you have one? It’s never too late to take pen to paper and start your gratitude practice! Join me in these #30daysofgratitude.

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