I’m humbled by my husband’s devotion

A guy walks in to the grocery store on his way to work…

No punchline. This is my life. I had no coffee this morning because I forgot to buy it yesterday. And naturally, I had no coffee and got zero sleep last night. With middle age comes some sleepless nights.

Enter this guy. My sweet guy who left for work, but instead stopped at the grocery store to buy his sleepy wife her favorite coffee. Who does this? My Hubs does. He surprises me like this all the time. For nearly 20 years, this beautiful man always seems to surprise me.


A card when I need it most. A text when he’s trying to be cool. The run to the grocery store when I’m the one that forgot the parmesan. The offer to pick up dinner. ‘You stay home, I’ll go…” He is kind, he is generous, he is my rock, he is my Hubs. Little things, big things, all things.

A hug of thanks doesn’t seem like enough. My words will never fully articulate my devotion to this man. In moments like this one, I am left speechless by his thoughtfulness and wonder if I give as good as I get. I don’t know. I hope so. I try.

When this guy, this great guy, the best guy, walks into the grocery store with me on his mind, I am humbled and stumble in my gratitude for this man who loves me so much. And I marvel at my love for him.

Some days, my gratitude journal is filled only with love for Hubs. Today is one of those days.

Who did you write about in your gratitude journal today? Let me know in the comments below. It’s never too late to start #30daysofgratitude.

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