Why Listen to Your Mother is My New Tribe


If the phrase “Your vibe attracts your tribe” is true, then my vibe lately has been one of authenticity, hope, joy and just all around bad ass and cool. I say this because on Saturday, I met fellow cast members of the 2016 Listen To Your Mother (LTYM) show. And let me tell you – these 12 writers and story tellers are all of these adjectives and more. They rock. They roll. And I am now one of them.

We had our first rehearsal at the lovely and airy DL loft in Chicago. I was so nervous to meet everyone, even though they all seemed so friendly on our Facebook page. That said, I talk a lot and quickly when I’m nervous, so for the first few minutes, I truly wondered if I was scaring anyone off or if I was going to be the first LTYM cast member ever that no one liked or bonded with.

Silly Neen. It didn’t take long at all to feel comfortable, to feel welcomed and to feel a part of something bigger than myself. We were all a bit nervous, all a bit unsure, at first. Then the laughs started, the photo shoot was underway and before we knew it, each of us were sharing our stories.

Images courtesy of Balee Images (www.baleeimages.com)

I was moved. I laughed. I teared up. And I subtly pinched myself because I found a new tribe! I am blessed to have dear friends from all areas of my life. This group, these brand new women (and Pete!) in one afternoon, made me feel like my best self. I felt this way, this comfort, this ease, because the honesty in the room, whether told with a laugh or some drama or some sadness, was all shared with TRUTH and VULNERABILITY.

We told our stories from our hearts, standing in front of one another naked (NOT literally) and brave and afraid at the same time. And while I sat with my tribe, I simultanesouly felt awed, inspired and worthy to be with them.

The past year has blessed me with a lot of great, good and bad as most years do. The difference for me this year, was that I made a decision to allow all good things come my way,  to embrace the unknown and to do the best I could at living my truth. By doing so, I “attracted” the ChicagoNow tribe which led me to the LTYM tribe. I must be putting out at least some good vibes to be getting so many good things back at me in return.

Images courtesy of Balee Images, (www.baleeimages.com)

The stories I heard are worthwhile and true. I related to each and every one in some way, because I could relate to the truth behind them all. We thirteen are all different: we are young and older (not much!) We come from different areas in this awesome city. We have children of different ages. Some of us have our parents and some of us do not. We have toddlers and teens and grown kiddos. But what we do have in common? Our stories. Our truth. Our desire to share it with all of you.

I hope you come out to our show on May 1st and enjoy and relate and laugh and tear up, just like I did! I promise you will not only have an afternoon of entertainment, but you may be inspired to attract your new tribe.

Listen To Your Mother Chicago 2016

Sunday, May 1 at 2:00pm

Athanaeum Theatre, Chicago

Visit the LTYM webpage for more information here.  Early bird ticket pricing ends March 31st, so snag your seats fast!

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