Gratitude breeds gratitude – Part II

imagesOne of my favorite moments of Thanksgiving dinner is when we all go around the table and speak our gratitude out loud. The verbal thanks range from being grateful for having five days off from school, to my son’s pitching arm being healed, to my little brother being home for Thanksgiving for the first time in 14 years.

It feels good to hear others express gratitude. It feels great to tell my peeps how grateful I am for them. I try to show them every day even though I tell them all the time. I am astounded and blessed since starting this series 27 days ago to see you, lovely readers, share your gratitude with me!

I get to hear about your days, your families, the little things! Thank YOU for sharing the gift of gratitude with me, it makes me swoon, warms my heart and breeds more gratitude.

Here is a lovely gratitude entry shared by my wise friend Paula ~

I am grateful I met my sister for lunch today! She is so good….

Oh, and this weather! I am grateful to walk my dog Babe Ruth on perfect fall days like this!

And I am grateful for my skincare business that fits perfectly into my life right now…and my beautiful…inside and out…customers!

Can you hear the exuberance? Can you feel the joy of Paula’s gratitude? I can and I love it. Thanksgiving is over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to be mindful, present and find gratitude every day.

Only a few days left of #30daysofgratitude. Are you still with me? Tell me about what you said you were grateful for at your Thanksgiving dinner in the comments below.

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