“Listen To Your Mother” = Abundance and Gratitude

The mission of each LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER production is to take the audience on a well-crafted journey that celebrates and validates mothering through giving voice to motherhood–in all of its complexity, diversity, and humor–in the form of original readings performed live on-stage by their authors. ~ Listen To Your Mother website

Four years ago, while walking and talking with my dear, encouraging friend, I had one of those ‘a-aha’ moments. You know, the one Oprah talks about? A moment you realize something that shifts your world a bit?

I told her I decided to begin teacher training at The Dailey Method, a barre class workout at our town’s local studio. After taking the classes and loving them and noticing great physical and mental results, it became a part of me, so I needed to not just learn it, but to share it and teach it.

I realized, mid step, that I was doing and learning something new and out of my comfort zone (fitness? instructing? in front of PEOPLE? me?) “You know,” said friend, “this is a big deal Neen.” Mid-stride, I took that in – it WAS a big deal. I was content staying home momming and going about my business. Until this came along.

The ‘aha’ moment was when I realized I thought my learning life, my step outside of the box life, was over – I realized, kind of on auto pilot, that this was the part of my life where I coasted along until my kids graduated. I stopped, grabbed friend’s arm and said “Oh my. I am doing something new. This is new and kind of scary and unexpected. I din’t know I was so…..settled?”

That was the start of more seeking, and learning and saying goodbye to complacency. And more writing. And life went on with ups and downs and downs and ups. And then I GOT to write my blog here at ChicagoNow. And then I GOT to meet a fun, smart and witty tribe of like minded writers.

And then I GOT some more writing gigs. And then. I GOT some encouragement to submit my essay to Listen To Your Mother (LTYM). (Fear, sigh.) And then I GOT to audition! (squee! cry! beam!) And now. Now I GET to SHARE my essay at the LTYM 2016 performance (squee! sob! look around and say – who me?)

This abundance in my life started with taking a chance. And it keeps coming. And I am so grateful I can’t see straight. In November, I wrote a series called 30 Days of Gratitude where I wrote about, well,  being grateful for 30 days straight. It was amazing sharing the gratitude. I love to share. So here I share my story of abundance and joy and more gratitude.

I GET to do something new. AGAIN. And I am middle-aged people. We are never, never TOO OLD to do anything we want to do. I GET to meet new people, new writers and learn from their lives and experience. I GET to share this too. I am shouting from the rooftops: “I GET TO, I GET TO, I GET TO!”

Being a part of this unique and neato-keen LTYM tribe is not only a cool experience. It is filling me up with joy and abundance. I hope you come to the show on May 1st. You can buy your tickets right here.

I cannot wait to hear all the wonderful stories about motherhood from some new voices. I cannot wait to feel more abundance and gratitude. Come join me! Have a moment of your own!

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