Just keep writing

Just like Dori from Finding Nemo sang ‘Just keep swimming, just keep swimming,” I often say to myself, late at night or early in the morning, just keep writing. When I write, I forget the world for a while. I forget about anything wrong and feel more like myself than I do at any other time. What do you do when you feel stuck, that if you say “Just keep…,” you feel better?

Since I’ve been writing this series ’30 Days of Gratitude,’ it is with wonder and grace I am able to embody the credo of just keep writing. I made a choice, a commitment to myself and to my readers (all of you!) I committed to writing about what goes into my gratitude journal, every day all month.

You would think it would be easy to just jot down a line or five from my journal, especially since I feel good when I write. The blank page though, every day, can be a little daunting. BUT, after writing in my gratitude journal (which I do every day,) and then sharing my musings here – I am seeing the blank page differently.  Photo

That blank space baby, on some days is quite intimidating. Some days though, the blank page is kind of like a new adventure – a new day – the clean slate. And wow – who doesn’t want a clean slate every day? Sign me up!  So I try – every day, especially on the tough days, to see the page as a playground.

And I play. I GET to write. For me, it’s fun, it’s healing, and sometimes it’s frivolous. Sometimes, it’s serious. Sometimes its good and sometimes it sucks. But always, it’s mine, it brings me to life and I view it as my way to share a bit of myself.

I’m not taking myself too seriously here – on the contrary, I’m having a blast and learning that inertia is best remedied by movement – any kind of movement. So for me, when life gets stuck and stale (which it does!) or I get writer’s block, I am learning to just keep writing (sometimes grab a glass of wine) and the fun just flows.

The words don’t always flow or look good. There are days I furiously delete what I write and I don’t publish for days. And sometimes I suck. I’m grateful I’m learning to just keep writing. I’m so grateful I get to love something so much and I am able to do it.

What do you do that keeps you moving? Do you ‘Just keep running’ or ‘Just keep cleaning’ or ‘Just keep eating healthy” or ‘Just keep talking?’

I’m grateful for my need to keep writing. And I’m always grateful for my neck pillow.

Do you keep a gratitude journal? It’s never too late to start! What are you grateful for today? Let me know in the comments below!

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