Gratitude – a list – week two

Today is day 15 of 30 Days of Gratitude, a series of blog posts dedicated to finding gratitude in all things big and small for the 30 days of November. I concluded last week with a list of seemingly small things I wrote about in my gratitude journal.


Someone asked me recently how I decide what is important enough to write about in my gratitude journal or even here, on this blog. I think it’s all important. The good the bad and the uncomfortable. I love to write about anything and everything, including the frivolous things in my life because what would life be without the silly?

Here are some journal entries from last night:

I am so grateful for the sunny, warm weather in Chicago.

I’m grateful my sweet boy is home from Washington DC safe and sound. He looks pale and over-tired but he’s pale, over-tired and HOME.

I’m grateful I saw an old friend on a walk today. She made me smile and I remembered how wonderful it is to chat with like minded people.

I’m grateful for Netflix, for binge watching, for cable tv and my DVR. I am so happy I had my family room all to myself today, I controlled the remote control – it felt decadent.

I’m grateful simultaneously for green juice and peanut butter chocolate chip Macro Bars. Heaven.

I’m grateful Hubs made the meatballs for the gravy tomorrow. Oh thank you Nana, for your Sunday traditions.

I’m grateful I can sleep in tomorrow.

I’m grateful for my “fat jammies.” I only pull out these jammie pants in the winter, when I’m really tired, when I’ve overindulged and been over-served. My shapeless, fuzzy, fat jammie pants lull me to sleep like nothing else.

I am grateful for my night serum. I don’t know if my wrinkles are less visible, but I think this stuff is doing something because I don’t scare anyone away when I say hello.

I’m grateful for social media as a way for people all over the world to share their grief over the tragedy in Paris. I disagree with those who say things like “It does no good to post your Eiffel Tower peace sign pictures and update your profile picture with the French flag. It doesn’t change anything.” OH how I disagree. By posting Eiffel Towers and French flags, human beings world wide are expressing their love, support and sadness – to one another. It’s a way to show solidarity and love. It’s a way to feel. I’m grateful for this.

What are some little things you are grateful for? Do you keep a gratitude journal? Let me know in the comments below!

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