My Story of Mental Health

Today is World Mental Health Day. Not to be confused with a Hallmark holiday, today marks an important time in our world - a time to continually work at breaking the stigma of mental health issues. And that's why I'm sharing my story. To help break the stigma. When we share our stories, when we … Continue reading My Story of Mental Health

To Thank or Not to Thank

Written by: Ramaa Krishnan I have had a difficult relationship with Gratitude and saying Thank you in general. For starters, growing up in India, there was no expression like that in my mother tongue. I did not hear it at home or between friends of the family. It is not like we did not give … Continue reading To Thank or Not to Thank

Need to chill out? Head to Chill Meditation in Chicago

Walking into Chill Meditation studio in Chicago is like stepping into an oasis of minimalistic calm. The open, chic space is welcoming and warm. Chill is a "modern wellness concept" studio located in the heart of River North. The modern wellness concept in meditation and massage, according to Chill is incense-free meditation. no-need-to-get-naked massage. thoughtfully curated retail. … Continue reading Need to chill out? Head to Chill Meditation in Chicago